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Using Drones in Construction

Innovative Ways Drones we are Revolutionizing Construction Sites

As drones become increasingly integrated into our daily lives, their application in construction sites continues to grow. Despite common concerns about their value and utility, it's essential to recognize the numerous benefits they offer in a construction environment. ​


Here are a few impactful ways drones can add value, streamline project completion, and enhance marketing efforts in the construction industry, dispelling the notion that they are mere playthings and instead portraying them as powerful tools with boundless potential when employed effectively.

1. VIEW CONSISTENT PROGRESSION REPORTS Daily or weekly construction updates allow you to see what is changing on your job site. If you are on site regularly, you can use this tool to send to your team consistent updates about the project. There are a ton of people who want to know the status of the job: are we ahead, are we behind, what can I expect? With progression videos and photos, you can easily answer these questions without picking up the phone or setting up a meeting.

2. Marketing what you can offer
Aerial photography and videos allow you to capture and highlight what your company can do, in a new way. Showing prospective clients recent work, and what you are currently working on, allows them to trust you with the project they are thinking about using you for.

3.Overhead Mapping
Have you ever looked at google earth, and noticed how different your site looks now that you’ve started working on it? Now you can get an up-to-date overhead view of your entire job site with high precision and detail. This also allows you to see if the project is lining up with the plans and blueprints.

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