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Revolutionizing Construction Projects with Drone Technology

At Starwood Aerial, we have redefined the approach to construction projects by integrating cutting-edge drone technology. This integration brings a multitude of benefits to our clients, empowering them to keep their teams well-informed, obtain precise measurements, and achieve substantial savings in time, cost, and resources. Our services contribute to diverse stages of the project lifecycle, providing unparalleled advantages.

Important - We are not surveyors nor do we provide the type of service a licensed surveyors provide. 

Several Construction options are available, contact us to discuss your needs and see what is offered for the engineering and construction companies in more detail.

Site Progress Monitoring - Currently, this is our sole service to the construction industry. Our expansion is being propelled by the ongoing updates to our equipment and the incorporation of new offerings in response to heightened demand. We are waiting Congress decision on specific equipment before we move further into these other services for construction. Specific high quality drones are all we will use and much depends on what Congress decides since this is a very large investment for our upgrade. We expect a decision any date and then we can elect our drones for purchase ith high lidar and other special features. We have the software ready to go.

What we are doing now:

We provide comprehensive monitoring of site progress across all job sites, ensuring that all stakeholders are continuously updated on the status of the construction projects. This fosters transparency, accountability, and efficient collaboration among project teams.

Regular Updates to Investors and Partners

Through our services, we facilitate the seamless flow of regular updates to investors and partners across the project lifecycle. This ensures that all relevant stakeholders are kept informed and engaged, leading to improved project performance and stakeholder satisfaction.

Advantages Across Project Lifecycle

Enhanced Bid Acquisition

Our captivating aerial imagery enhances the bid acquisition process, providing potential clients with stunning visual insights into the proposed projects. This aids in creating a compelling and informative pitch, setting our clients apart in the competitive bidding process.

Compelling Video Showcasing

Upon project completion, we help our clients showcase their capabilities through compelling videos. By effectively demonstrating the distinct stages of the project, highlighting successful outcomes, and utilizing captivating cinematography, our clients can effectively present their achievements to investors and partners.

Through these services, we are committed to enabling our clients to achieve excellence in all aspects of their construction projects, bringing unmatched efficiency, accuracy, and communication to the construction industry.

Aerial 2D Site Maps

We generate highly detailed aerial 2D site maps, offering comprehensive top-down perspectives of construction sites. These maps facilitate precise planning, accurate measurements, and streamlined decision-making processes, leading to improved project outcomes.

Harnessing 3D Modeling

Our use of 3D modeling enables in-depth analysis of project data, allowing clients to visualize and simulate different design scenarios, measure social performance, and optimize urban designs, ultimately enhancing the decision-making process for urban planning and design.

Overhead Site Photo
Overhead Site Photo


What is the difference in a single photo and mapping?

In contrast to a regular photo, an orthomosaic image is composed of multiple images that have been geometrically corrected to be uniform in scale. This enables the image to provide an accurate representation of the earth's surface, allowing for the measurement of true distances.

How do we set pricing for mapping?

When establishing pricing for mapping services, various factors are taken into account, including the project size, drone flight duration, desired level of precision, and the type of deliverable required.

Different ways to use drones on a construction site

Progress Updates

weekly/monthly image and video capture of the job site

Orthomosaic Maps

map created from hundreds of aerial images stitched together

3D Modeling

measure distance and cut-fill analysis of the job site

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