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Our Process

Start by requesting a quote and selecting your desired photography package

  1. Photography Package Ordering Process: To place an order for a specific package, you can start by selecting the type of package you're interested in and filling out the order form. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to choose the desired date and time so we can schedule flight information if needed.  You can customize your order to meet your specific needs. 

  2. Flight Scheduling if drone usage is required for your project:​ Once your order is submitted, we meticulously plan out the flight, taking into consideration various factors such as weather conditions and airspace restrictions to ensure a safe and efficient delivery process. No worry we take care of everything.

  3. Receiving Deliverables: Following the successful completion of ground photos and flight if requested, we provide the edited images to you in a private folder. This exclusive access allows you to conveniently download the images and share them as you desire. All images and videos are delivered to you online. You have complete ownership of your images and videos.

  4. Extra service available: To further enhance your experience, all images are uploaded to a print folder where you can explore a variety of print options and sizes for purchase in addition to your selected package. This personalized approach provides you with the flexibility to choose the ideal printing solution based on your preferences.


High Quality Photos and VIdeos for Real Estate or or other Special Events
Looking for high quality, edited ground and interior images? You have come to the right place! We provide great communication, a professional experience, and you don’t have to lift a finger. You send us the location, then we schedule, shoot, and deliver on time.

Examples of home photos

We do not publish our customers photos or videos

Real Estate Photo
Real Estate Photo
Real Estate Photo
Drone Videography Process
  1. Request a Quote Upon your request, we ensure swift communication and commit to providing a detailed quote within 24 hours.

  2. Schedule Your Flight​ After the contract is signed and payment is completed, we meticulously plan the flight, considering factors such as weather conditions and airspace restrictions.

  3. Review the Deliverables We will share the initial draft of the video compilation with you for your review and feedback.

  4. Receive the Final Cut Once the process is complete, we will deliver the final version of your video for you to download and share as per your requirement.

Drone videography enables the capture of the most captivating aspects of your offerings. We specialize in delivering professional and innovative results for commercial real estate, video production, online marketing, and construction projects.

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